Little Goddesses
Little Goddesses$380.00

Unique sculptures modeled by the artist (It is not a serial ornament), matte color of 26 cm high x 13 cm in diameter (All Colors).

Large Goddesses
Large Goddesses$480.00

Unique sculptures modeled by the artist (It is not an ornament made in series), matte color 34 cm high x 16 cm in diameter. (All Colors)

This model is only made by order directly with the Artist. It can not be purchased from the web.

Features of the Goddesses

  • Her shoulders held high as a sign of courage and empowerment.
  • The sweetness of her forms evokes her femininity.
  • Her infinite gaze towards the future she wishes to create.
  • Her head held high, overcoming her fears, dreaming of a just world, free of violence and gender equality. 

Colors,Magic & Art


MagcLife & Spring

Mint Goddess

Inspired by nature. This Goddess connects us with spring and its magic of life, blossoming, youth, freshness, balance and healing.

Inside every great woman there is a Goddess that inspires her.


Lavender Goddess

Freshness, purity and vitality.

This Goddess has the magic to connect with the vigor and vitality of youth and the optimistic beginning of new stages in life.

Freshness,Purity &Vitality


Passivity,Elegance & Peacefulness

Sand Goddess

Sand Goddess: Symbol of passivity, elegance and tranquility.
Her Magic is of calm, rest, relaxation and anti-stress.


Goddess Heart (Special Edition)

The Goddess sculpture represents the woman of today, brave, empowered and free to raise her voice.
She has helped many women overcome their own fears, denounce abuse and bring their abused children to safety.



Love,Courageous &Empowered


Sobriety,Power &Mystery

Ebony Goddess

This Goddess symbolizes sobriety, power, mystery and elegance.

The magic of this Goddess close to you connects you with your magnetism and wisdom, to attract success and abundance into your life through your gifts and talents.

Ivory Goddess

Ivory Goddess: Inspired by meditation and spirituality.


Meditación,Spirituality &Serenity


Perfection,Simplicity &Fullness

Clear Goddess (Special Edition)

Clear Goddess
Serenity and harmony

Sky Goddess

The magic of this Goddess close to you connects you with fullness and peace.


Fullness,Peace &Serenity


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